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  Key Features
  System Requirements
  • vBulletin 3.x
  • vBlog 2.0+
  • Yet Another Better SEO Module for vBulletin - YABBSEO v1.1
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    YABBSEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) module designed for the most popular forum software - vBulletin meant to help your forum acheive better search engine rankings and indexing through the use of friendly urls.

    YABBSEO is a highly-flexible software for you to optimize your forum SEO in only minutes. Being highly customizable, you have the plenty of options to make your forum as you want and easily create your own friendly urls for increasing more pages search engines can index.

    YABBSEO is not only a plugin rewriting dynamical urls to be search engine friendly for increasing indexed pages, it also aims to help serach engine capture the key content of your forum pages and rank them better.

    Unlike other SEO scripts out on the market, YABBSEO is designed with heavy emphasis on high performence, without any chance of overloading your server with additional database queries.

    YABBSEO also provides a great graphic user interface(GUI) to handle its powerful backend features. With the aid of control panel, you can create own custom url rewrite rule and share with other webmasters with in some clicks.

    Friendly URL Support for Dynamical Pages
    With YABBSEO, we provide 3 templates of SEO URL Rule (SUR) for your choices.
  • Default Style, vBSeo Style and Forum Title Style!
  • Drop non-keyword words(a, an, and ...) in the static url!
  • Specify separator for words in url!
  • Custom Mul-Language Friendly Url Support
    By default, YABBSEO supports rewriting non-english western europe characters in urls(your forum need specify charset ISO-8859-1). Other languages rewriting is also supported: you only provide the correspondances of your language characters and english chars.
  • Built-in non-english western europe characters, like french, german ...
  • Special chars convertion in non-english languages.
  • High Flexiable Customised Friendly URL Support
  • Ability to create unlimited SEO Url Rules(SUR)!
  • Test customised SUR on live forum without affecting your end users!
  • Import/Export customised SUR via XML format!
  • Canonicalization Url Support
    YABBSEO automcatically add a canoical url for every static pages! With the canonical url, you will never worry about Google index duplicate contents from same page.
    Redirect Dynamic Urls to Static Urls
    This feature will be extremely helpful when search engines have indexed lots of pages from your forum. With the 301 redirection, the index dynamical pages will be automatically transfered to static urls in a search engine safe way!
  • Redirection of dynamical thread/post pages
  • Redirection of dynamical forum pages
  • Redirection of dynamical member pages
  • Redirection of dynamical blog pages
  • ...
    Redirect Invalid Static Url to Correct Static Urls
    Maybe you was encountering such cases: your forum titles or thread titles are changed by owners or administrators, but search engines still index the old static urls. This feature is designed to update the old static urls to new ones in a serach engine safe way - 301 redirection.
  • Redirection of dynamical thread/post pages
  • Redirection of dynamical forum pages
  • Redirection of dynamical member pages
  • Redirection of dynamical blog pages
  • ...
    Add nofollow Attribute to External Links
    YABBSEO can add "nofollow" attribute to external links to tell search engine to stop indexing the link. We do this because common search engines try to penalize the webpages which have nothing but nonsense links to fool the search engine robot for a higher rank. This is also an efficient way to stop spamers to post nonsense links on your forum to destroy your SEO reputation.
  • You can specify exclusive external urls(for example your friends site) not to be added "nofollow" attribute.
  • You can also use a custom script to redirect teh external url. In this way, your site url will be visible in their logs system(for example, awstats)
  • Add nofollow Attribute to Duplicate Content
    This "nofollow" attribute is added for some forum urls. For example, printthread pages(printthread.php) have duplicate contents with showthread.php. So we add nofollow for printthread.php link.
  • Ability to specify the some type urls to be added "nofollow" attribute!
  • Ability to stop the pages "showthread.php?p=postid" appeared in your forum!
  • Archive Pages Support
    YABBSEO also rewrite archive pages for your forum:
  • Rewrite forum urls!
  • Redirect old archive static thread url to full version static url.
  • Blog Pages Support
    YABBSEO supports rewriting the pages generated by vBlog v2.0+.
  • Friendly URL for all blog pages!
  • Redirect dynamical urls of blogs page to static urls
  • Friendly URL for all album pages!
  • Redirect dynamical urls of album pages to static urls
  • Friendly URL for all thread tags pages!
  • Redirect dynamical urls of thread tags pages to static urls
  • Custom Forum Titles Support
    You can completely speficy your own forum url for every forum, without caring about the default forum titles you created via vBulletin.
  • Easy GUI to add custom titles for every forum.
  • Firendly URLs completely consistent with your custom titles.
  • Google Sitemap generator
    YABBSEO has a built-in Google sitemap generator:
  • Sitemap includes Forum Urls.
  • Sitemap includes Thread Urls.
  • Sitemap includes Member Urls.
  • ...
    Improve Meta Tags
    YABBSEO improves the meta keywords in forum and thread pages.
    Powerful Control Panel
  • Multiple language support for interface!
  • 3 levels for your control panel: Normal Mode, Advanced Mode and Developer Mode! You can easily create new configurations, SEO URL Rules ...
  • Easy Installation
    YABBSEO is completely written in the frame of vBulletin Plugin System. You do not need edit any php scripts to make installations. Typically, it is a 5-minute task: you import the product XML file via vBuletin CP and then you can access to http://yoursite.com/yabbseocp.php to manage your your SEO setting!