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  Key Features
  System Requirements
  • PHP 4.2.0 or better
  • Perl installed with LWP, CGI and Fcntl modules
  • MySQL 3.23 or better
  • Access to cron jobs
  • [optional]Mod_rewrite on apache
  •   Requirements Test Script
    Want to test if your server supports MFHS?
    Download Test Script now!
    Mega File Hosting Script v1.4 [Live demo::Order now!]
    Mega File Hosting Script Mega File Hosting Script is an advanced File Hosting Script that allows your customers to upload large files to your server and email the file download link to themselves and other email recipients.

    With MFHS, you can setup an advanced file hosting site within minutes and earn profits through showing advertisements on your site, and even on download pages.

    Mega File Hosting Script was Built to Handle Large files (500M +) and is designed to be of minimal burden on your server. MFHS has been rigorously tested and designed to handle brutal file sizes and endure lengthy uploading periods without breaking. This alone sets MFHS world's apart from any competing script.

    MFHS provides a number of unique features, including Multi Server Balancing, and an Advanced Download Manager. MFHS comes E-Commerce Ready with PayPal Integration and plenty of tools such as FAQs & Newsletter Managers to get new customers - and keep them.

    MFHS has been oriented towards Generating Revenue for it's webmasters. It not only has a friendly and easy to use front end, but it also contains a great backend to administer your site. MFHS is also very easy to integrate into existing websites!

    Multi Server Balancing
    The Multi Server Balancing feature of MFHS allows webmasters to distribute server resources rationally across multiple locations and provide quality, speedy services for users. This feature alone sets MFHS above all competition, and will be indispensable for a growing File Host Provider.
  • One click to setup Unlimited Secondary Servers!
  • Can specify random or specific servers to upload to!
  • Advanced Bandwidth monitoring means webspace and bandwith will be tracked for every server!
  • Revenue Generation
  • The Template Based design allows you to easily add different types of advertisements accross your site!
  • Choose a Different template for different hosting packages - and even for a different server! All this gives you the flexibility to show more targetted advertising!
    For example: Adult advertisements can only be used on the secondary server which allows adult content, while regular advertisements such as Google Adsense, can be used on another server.
  • By-design 'Search Friendly URLs' will attract more search engine indexing!
  • E-Commerce Ready
    With MFHS, you can immediately start making money with your E-business. MFHS comes fully compatible with the major online payment gateways: PayPal, E-Gold and MoneyBookers.
  • Fully records every transaction with details.
  • Full billing history is easily available for all your members payments!
  • Template Driven
    MFHS is Fullly Template Based - Meaning it's easy to customize the look and feel of your site!
  • Cached Template: Complies once, runs fast!
  • Multiple preloaded templates to choose!
  • Customize different templates for different hosting packages and for different servers!
  • Even supports Email Templates!
  • Independent Language Files makes it easy to have multiple languages enabled. Meaning you can offer services in more than just english!
  • Advanced Download Manager
  • Support the major file download accelerators including: Speedget, Download Accelerator Plus, GetRight, FlashGet and GoZilla.
  • Captcha Image-number authentication to protect from direct linking.
  • Supports Resuming broken downloads.
  • Supports setting Download Speed limitations.
  • Supports download IP limitations.
  • Can allow users to Password Protect downloads.
  • Flexible Hosting Packages
    Webmasters can add an Unlimited amount of Hosting Packages!
    Every package is highly configurable with plenty of options to limit or control user activity, such as: Download Speed Throttling, Allowable Webspace, Enable Resuming Downloads, Toggle Showing Advertisements, Enable/Disable Uploading methods, e.g Web Form/Web Address/From FTP server and Payment Settings and more!
  • Webmasters can add a Free Host Package.
  • User Account Payments/Upgrades/Signups are Automatically Handled
  • Ready to go with PayPal, E-Gold and MoneyBooker.
  • Four (4) Upload Methods and Friendly Upload Interface
    Guests or members can upload files.
  • Realtime Progress Bar shows the Upload completed percentage, est time left, elapsed time and Upload Speed in Kbps...
  • Can upload any file type by standard web form upload!
  • Can upload any file type by advanced Flash 8 upload!
  • Can retrieve and store any file type by Web Address!
  • Can retrieve and store any file type by FTP!
  • Automatically validates the integrity of files stored to guarantee the security of your servers!
  • Misc Features
    FAQ Section
  • Webmasters can easily create/update unlimited sections for FAQs.
  • Webmasters can create unlimited FAQ items in each section

  • Newsletters
  • Webmasters can send emails to Active, suspended, and unsuspended, or unconfirmed members.
  • Easy Installation
  • Simple installation that will have you up and running in minutes
  • Web auto installer available!