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Thread: How to Setup second server?

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    Question How to Setup second server?

    just like to undestrand how to setup a second server from inside the control panel.
    suppose i have a another server bUT no domain realetd to this server (i saw i have to use a domain to be able to upload to the second server accessing the other domain by using fTP details of the domain.
    But if i only have an IP address (instead the domain name) Would this work?
    Of course a virtual domain with FTP access has ben setup and is accessible.

    This is to avoid
    A) transfering the whole website to another server
    B) Not to have to reigter another domain name just for using
    as FTP refer to upload file.


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    Default new server help

    Please can someone help with setting up new server , i have tried everything, including cmod /files -777 /temp -777, cgi-bin -755. I am using mfhs 1.4, i setup server in admin panel, but all files uploaded dont save to new server they always go to Local server. My main local server is on a VPS server but server2 is on a basic premium hosting server. please can someone help .


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    Default new server help

    I have even disabled upload option for local server, yet files still only upload from form upload to local server not the new server (server2),
    here's screenshot link

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    I can help, you can contact me at skype sasha200222

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