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    Default Free trial Support

    Do a Document & Tutorials search and see if your question has been answered in these articles. If not, please post your questions at the forum. Our staff will look into your issue as soon as possible!

    Our regular support forum is only open to exists client, after purcahse you can access the full support forum!

    Note: Post your keycode with problems will be helpfull for us to fix your problem!

    After evaluation, if you are decided to purchase the script, you can simply place a new order and replace your free trial keycode in config.php with the new keycode! Then delete the old key.php in localkey directory if it exists and access to admin panel to bind the new license!
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    Smile Get Free Trial

    Can I get free trial MFHS V1.2 to test it on my server please ?

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    Yes, you can go to this page
    to place your free trial order!

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    let me try it

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