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Thread: Does the licence allow us to sell our website ?

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    Default Does the licence allow us to sell our website ?


    I run a cool AIHS script

    I'm gonna just give him a nice new design and put it on a cool domain name.

    After that, am I allowed to sell the website (so with the AIHS script + licence) to anyone else ? Only one time I mean.

    I think so, but I just want to be sure with your confirmation... I don't want to meet licence troubles with you

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Yes,you can sell the website with the script! But we will not provide support for new owner anymore unless he buy future updates from us!

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    OK - Cool

    Thanks for your support and happy work on tag search

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    the problem is in the support only ?
    because i see a lot of nulled script out there , i don't think that thier problem is the not supported script (because than they make money i lose money & work ). are you taking action again those nulled script owners ?

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