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Thread: Templates Not Updating

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    Default Templates Not Updating

    I am truly confused on this one. I've been using the script for a while. But, now, on one of my sites, I can't update the templates.

    Technically, I can: I go into the admin, I update it, and it saves...just like it should. But, the site still somehow shows the old information.

    I went into default/skins and looked at show.html and it has the changes that I just made. But, they don't appear on the webpages, they still have the old information.

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    So, here is the solution, somehow the file permissions got changed in that directory. show.html was 666 and writable. But, apparently, something else in the directory had its permissions off (the cache?) . So, I just set the whole directory to 777 and that did the trick.

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