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    Default Activate License

    I used a temporary license to test the script. Now buy the full version, but do not know how to install a full license.

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    Which script do you mean? For AIHS, you can just upload the script to your server to overwrite the exsting one except the config.php.

    For MFHS, you can just edit config.php to put the full license keycode in the variable $keycode.

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    Mega File Hosting Script

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    After entering the new keycode
    The License Key is invalid. This means that your License Key file has become corrupted. Please replace the key file with a copy of the original license. If you do not still have a copy of the original license, HOWEVER, you should note that this might be because the key was generated using mcrypt, where as your PHP install does not have access to the Mcrypt library (this is very unlikley).

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    please sort out the problem
    I can not to Use the admin panel
    look at the two screenshots

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    go to admin panel mfhs in you site and go >> Site >> License Manager

    will see License Key [Details] please Click in Update Now!

    if you see any problem told me again


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    the fact is that key.php file is downloaded when you click the Update Now! does not meet the file key.php, which I downloaded from this window

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    chmod 0777 /localkey in site mfhs and go to admin panel mfhs in you site and go >> Site >> License Manager
    will see License Key [Details] please Click in Update Now!

    please Confirm sure License for mfhs 1.5 or free License to mfhs 1.3 !?

    no problem if you can send me admin mfhs and ftp and License key ( xxxx-0q50-e0xx-xxxx ) will help you and see this problem

    thank you

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