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Thread: Doesn't count points on the remote server

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    Default Doesn't count points on the remote server

    My English is average.
    I have a problem with counting points, counting downloads ONLY the remote server. Just do not count. On the local server, counting things happen correctly. Can someone please help me?


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    You should run cronjob.php periodically to update them. If it is done, you can see the cronlogs at admin panel > crontabs. Please check it.

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    This is an issue of MYSQL 5. Solution: modify the mysql database my.ini (, or my.cfg), find the following statement:



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    Thanks for the reply.
    On the local server cron is running and counting points is working properly. It seems that cron does not work on remote server but in the remote server there are no files cron.

    Regarding your second answer. Where exactly do I find the file my.ini (or my.cfg)?

    PS: On the remote server, everything that is connected with cron does not work. In the resulting script to the remote server was not cron files.
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    Now it works. Thanks a lot. Together with the script MFHS 1.5 I received files "fileserver-remote" for MFHS version 1.4. Where do I get the rest of the files to remote server in version 1.5?
    Because on the remote server does not work also cron that is automatically delete files after a specified period of time.
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    i know my files getfile.php will fixed your problem , you are used MFHS version 1.5 or MFHS version 1.4 !!

    all files php remote server version 1.5 in Folder fileserver in MFHS version 1.5 but used my files getfile.php in Attachments to no see this problem again , it is Bug version 1.5

    thank you

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    Thanks for your help.
    I also have a problem with the limitation of the bandwidth on the remote server. Can you help me?:

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