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    Default Multiserver

    Possible to mod this?

    Files are mirrored across servers (i know unison for linux can do this, but would like an actual script to do it) and then GeoIP takes over to give the user the download based on the country that they are in


    I have 3 servers, 1 USA, 1 UK, 1 China

    User uploads file
    server syncs file to all 3 servers
    User from UK downloads from UK server

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    i think you can do it but very bad will do copy files 3 for in 3 server !!

    but you can do 3 servers, 1 USA, 1 UK, 1 China

    when User uploads file from IP USA will upload files only in Multiserver USA only and all download files , 90% user upload files from USA will download in USA

    1- will do Multiserver by Rules Locations
    2- upload files by Rules Locations

    you can do it by mod / Plugins or YABSoft can help you

    thank you

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    Is this supported out of the box or will Yabsoft have to do it for me?

    Where is the support anyways? Why is this forum dead? Is this script dead?

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    please, someone reply

    I'm willing to buy MFHS if Yabsoft can do this for me

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    i am used MFHS in Multiserver it is work very good and i am do some mod / Plugins

    but if you want edit some thing or add mod / Plugins , will cost for it .

    Plugins do for you to do some new Featured , you can do mod by yourself or any someone do it , i think not want support MFHS ,

    you can send this link to yabsoft will help you fast and reply

    thank you
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    does multiserver use bandwidth on both the local and remote server or just the remote server?

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    i am no understand you , but when used mfhs multiserver will use bandwidth in remote server if files download in remote server or if file download in local will used bandwidth in local

    thank you

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    What about uploading? Will it use bandwidth on local server if you upload to remote server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sashi View Post
    What about uploading? Will it use bandwidth on local server if you upload to remote server?
    upload or download in multiserver (remote server) will used bandwidth in remote server
    becase will used files php upload or ( cgi-bin ) in multiserver

    ( all bandwidth files upload and download in remote server ) but used in local bandwidth Browse web and Design only

    thank you
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    I have added it in future version. Thanks for the suggestions.

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