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Thread: Is this still buggy?

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    Default Is this still buggy?

    From reading on the forums as a guest the last few days I have noticed that the MFH 1.4 script is full of bugs, is this still the case with the 1.5 version?

    I don't want to spend $80 on a script then find it full of bugs as to me that would be a waste of $80 which I could have easily spent on another file hosting script.

    Yes I accept that there are going to be bugs in all scripts, but not to the extent of what I have been reading on here and on other forums.

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    I see answering possible customers is a priority, well I have found another script with the same if not more functionality and its cheaper than this unsupported buggy piece of shit. I downloaded a nulled copy and wow, so many bugs and terrible coding. I'm glad I never parted with my money on this

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    Support? What's that? Do you share the other script with us?

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    please share the script...
    I also want to try

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