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Thread: Get Errors by uploading

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    Question Get Errors by uploading

    Hi I have some error by trying fileuploading.

    1. Error Flash Upload .rar file

    HTTP error occured while uploading testdatei.rar,http response code:500
    Please,try again.

    2. Error Form Upload all Files

    Status: unknown of unknown sent (at unknown ps)
    Verbleibende Zeit: unknown
    Vergangene Zeit: unknown

    Please help me to fixe the Problems..... Thanks...

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    Hello? Support?

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    i'm only user. but i have many work on that script and developp many plugin (for me).
    for your problem i think you have a chmod problem. or filetransfer problem with your filezilla. have upload your file with ascii or bin (like explain in install "book")?
    I thinks when you have resolve your chmod... all work perfectly.

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