Our fraudulent department noticed that your order appears high risk to us. To complete our investigation, you must follow this link to provide additional information within the next seven days. An accessable telephone number and desired contact time point will be helpful for us to decide your order status. Untill the investigation is completed, you will not access to client area for downloading script. We sincerely appoligize for your convenience during investigation.
*************END COPY FROM MY ORDER*********************

Now why do I need to see this message?

I paid for the product and the money are withdrawn from my account so what is the problem? I am not a fraud and why do anyone need to investigate that I payd for the software when the system is automated? And why shall u call me and why shall i need to set of an point of the day for speak about my order that I honestly paid for, I feel like I am the bad guy and I didnt do any bad, I just paid for someting I need that all.

I need my paid software ASAP.