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Thread: Help with Installation

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    Exclamation Help with Installation

    I wish there was a detailed guide for installing AIHS. The install.txt guide isn't much help.

    Anyway, I've tried installing the script several times. After I upload the contents of the upload_this folder and go to the install URL as indicated in the manual, all I get is a page full of php script like this one...

    My server's details:

    Dedicated Quad Core server
    4Gb RAM
    500Gb HDD

    CentOS 6 32bit Final (Full) - Clean install
    Apache 2.2.15
    MySQL 5.5.25
    PHP 5.3.14

    ImageMagick 6.7.8
    GCC 4.4.6

    Virtualmin 3.92

    I created a VPS on the server and was trying to install AIHS there.

    Are there modifications that have to be done to the .ini files somewhere? ANything else I need to install?

    Actually, my partner already purchased the Pro license but I wasn't having any luck installing it either so I tried the Trial version. No luck with either version.

    Thank you in advance for the help.

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    aslo please do not forgot about post_max_size and max_upload_size !!!!

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