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Thread: Download Stops/Suspends

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    Default Download Stops/Suspends


    Downloads always stops when downloading a file. For example; i have a 150mo file, i start to download it and then at 75mo it stops and does like the download is finished. I have already set up the max execution time at 12000 seconds but still I doesn't work !

    Anyone has info ? We are still beta testing with the trial license but there are lots of problems we had to solve ...

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    anyone has an idea ?

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    I've also increased the memory_limit from 128M to 256M, 512, 1024 and to 4096M but still it fails !

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    I am testing and I would like to buy it, but this is a mistake, I could not resolve completely,
    I realized that leaving as discharge maximum speed 300k / s, for visitors or members free, some times the downloads are complete, but if you set the maximum speed to less than 300k / s, presented this failure on all downloads. Did anyone fix it?

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    Angry Timeout of download and upload

    Hello brother!

    I'm having the same problem, i sent dozens of emails to YabSoft but had no return, you found the solution?

    my problem is that I discovered the bug later, after four months spent over a thousand dollars on disclosure, now have to solve.

    Looking forward to the solution of this serious problem.

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    Hi, i'm not yabsoft but will help you.
    the download can stop if your hosting kill process that run more than ~60sec(depend on wich hosting you are).
    Also look at :
    post_max_size = 2480M
    max_execution_time = 600

    Also if you using nginx you need to look at config!

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    Yeh, if you need some help you can provide me the info of site that i can view why it's happens

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    Thank you very much!


    Downloads are interrupted within the script greater than 200MB. (timeout)

    Outside the script download normal. (download ok)

    Again, thank you very much!

    I can send data to and ftp access to script, if you need.


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    ok, i will try to reproduce this on my own hosting and you script , after that i can say anything

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    Thank you friend, sorry for the inconvenience.

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