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Thread: Form Upload doesnt work.

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    Same Problem

    If the User make a upload.......
    Status: unknown of unknown sent (at unknown ps)
    Est time left: unknown
    Elapsed time: unknown

    Local Storage working very well
    The secondary server work with IP Adress and domain name.
    The test of server is O.K. only hav a warning Zend

    On secondary server.
    The FOLDER and cgi work i can call http://xxx/chi-bin/upload.cgi
    The permisson of Folder is o.k.

    I see on the secondary server (have files on TMP Folder)
    Flash say Upload 100% but don't give Downloadlink.

    What can i do?

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    Seeyou, the problem is : you do not have write acces to "files" dir, or memory where script\site installed is not enough to operate with files, check you php.ini and also write access to folders!

    Also on some server as i see we have some particular problems, but for start check what i wrote before.

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