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Thread: MFhs 1.5 Download Bug

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    Angry MFhs 1.5 Download Bug

    Hey stefan i have found a big bug on mfhs 1.5 beta testing. While doing URL upload, file gets uploaded and we get a url. When we try to download that file which we have uploaded from url it shows error.

    Here is a sample file uploaded from url try to download it.

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    I think it's because you're running a demo on Yabsoft servers. When you click the download button after entering the CAPTCHA, this is the URL that my browser tries to load:

    Register for a trial or download the 1.5 beta and host it on your own server and it will work fine. I'm running a 1.5 beta on my domain:, and I don't have any problems with downloading files.

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    It was not working, because the admin setting was changed to use Lighttpd server to download files. However, lighttpd is not set up there. Now this is corrected.

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