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Thread: How to add image link codes in index.php?&showlinks

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    Default How to add image link codes in index.php?&showlinks

    Hello Yab, little the same as in show.php page.

    but now, i want to construct my own links (with tabs and categories)

    I have added in getcode.php this:

    after this

    	'body' => 'getcode.html')
    i'd like to construct links {showcode} but it's not working. How to do that, or maybe other solution.

    I have also tried to put {mode3.row.showurl} - but not working

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    ok, i've found this {mode3.showurl} and {mode3.thumburl} - are working
    but {mode3.imageurl} - is not

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    there was a mistake in function.php - not all imageurl variables have been written


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    Well, as a result, i have this (image animated):

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    It looks nice.

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