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Thread: MFHS v1.4 Beta 2 Testing!

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    Arrow MFHS v1.4 Beta 2 Testing!

    Here is the beta demo on our site:
    Admin login: demo/demo

    Report any bugs to Bug Reports! During this time, we may make some changes and add some new features.

    Downloaded Beta Version (This beta version will be valid until 31/9/2010)

    The demo is updated with latest new features. Some highlight features are the following,
    1. supporting video features for flv video(using flash player), avi and divx videos(using divx player)
    2. using google doc reader to view doc and pdf files.
    3. banning files using md5 hash. Users will never upload the file with same md5hash.

    Example links:
    Flv video:
    Avi video(using divx):
    Docx viewer(using google doc):
    PDF viewer(using google doc):

    Hightlight new features
    1. New design for front end.
    2. Social Booking feature:
    Facebook/Twitter/Digg Poster
    "I like" file to post at Facebook
    3. Duplicate files checker by MD5 Hash
    a). Auto detect new uploaded files and use existing ones if md5 hash is matched.
    b). A tool to update existing duplicate files for earlier installations.
    4. Multiple Administrators supported. Now you can setup multiple admins with different privileges to mange your site. You can be completely control what menus systems for the admin.
    5. Ability to show and/or download files. By default, we show images and play MP3 when viewing the download pages. At the same time, users also can download them in a traditional way.
    6. Category of files by file extensions. Now we have Images, Audio, Video, Softwares and Documents, etc...
    7. Improved promotions features.
    a). Email users and admins when users cash out or upgrade.
    b). Ability to credit download points to downloader and/or uploader at the same time. Of course downloader and uploader have to be registered and could not be the same person to get points.
    8. Support webspace limitation for host packages.
    9. New plugin reCAPTCHA. This uses the advanced captcha tool provided by reCAPTCHA to protect robot to download your files automatically.
    10. Lots of bugs and improvements in this version. Just please play around with this beta version and let us know your ideas.
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    Post your comments here: Discussion of MFHS v1.4 Beta!

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