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Thread: [AIH v2.3] spam with report system

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    Default [AIH v2.3] spam with report system

    I have a lot of spams with the report system
    like this
    Reporteroyjdonddt(,BAN at 05/14/2010)

    iNhZen <a href="http://*****/">klivqdhyvcjc</a>, nehabrgyhsbd, [link=http://*****.com/]dnhxenvmjdfp[/link], http://****.com/
    with a lot of differents ip.
    maybe a bot ?

    A captcha system like (used in ipb) or other maybe a good thing ?
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    I also experienced this once..
    I have added recaptcha for contact , will try to add for report also

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    can u give code for recaptcha how to make with aihs

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    ever same problem

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    i have this about 20 messages a day..

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    very bad support of soft
    captcha need - motre than 10 topics about spam in report and contact form

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    common prob for me, but not something I need to be too worried about for sure. Just select all and delete spam reports, that's what I do. It takes 15 secs for me.

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