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Thread: AIHS & Server performance advices

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    Default AIHS & Server performance advices

    Want to share and receive others experience how to boost server/site with AIHS:

    As for me i have 2 tips:

    1. Make direct links.

    2. my main problem was how to manage and delete unviewed images if we are making direct links, solution is:
    mount servers file system with parameter atime.
    in this case, an attribute "last time used file" will update each time when image has been opened - and this option uses less more resources than out.php script!!

    Let's discuss other ideas

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    Yes xavior.. wonderful..

    out.php very very mysql querry. one attack out.php after server closed

    im 5 days out.php I took over attack

    yab please direct link

    here good but problem gallery, bmp thumb :

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    about my 2nd modification - it works really fast, and in a minute it detected that from 1 200 000 images 260 000 have not been viewed more than 90 days ago.

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    yes.. please yab i love you (but im don't gay)

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    Atime updates are by far the biggest IO performance deficiency that Linux has today.
    Others ways to have control over this?

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    i have e7200 / 2 sata hdds raid 0 or 1 dont remember / 8GB ram and with "atime" only 20% of server resources are used. p.s. i have 24 000 visitors and + dont know how much are looking images directly

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    Post your iostat %iowait

    iostat -xtc

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    mount servers file system with parameter atime.
    how to do that ?

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    sorry cant tell as it was made by my server administrator.
    Try to google or hire somebody

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