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Thread: Uploading Group image or Multi image

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    today afer i upload mutli image i really take so long time to orignise the post and get link for each image so i was think if one day some one upload group image like 30 and he need to get all the IMG BBCODE link origise wihtout he just take them one by one there should be some powerfull

    Like Example a Select box for all image that going to be upload

    and there should be some template ready we just pick them and then submit and it will convert all of them and Oringise all of them


    There should be like System in this system we can control the Image group how it will show in the forum

    4 image in one line and then space 4 image etc..

    i hope you understand what i mean .. this will safe alot of time and also will bring alot of members and i'm sure there is no one have made it yet and it is a new idea

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    This feature added.

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    Wooooooooow in the new AIH 2 ?

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