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Thread: Boost your MFHS sites!

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    Arrow Boost your MFHS sites!

    Here are some simple tips for boost your site:
    1. Compile Template to executable PHP scripts: Yes for admin panel > site > configuration :: Compile Template?
    2. Cache Site Pages into static HTML pages(in MFHS v1.3): a great feature to speed up your site. Configure it as follows:
    a. Yes for admin panel > site > configuration :: Cache Site Pages?
    b. Enable the pages to be cached. Edit includes/sysvars.php:
    PHP Code:
    $CachedPages = array(
    //'INDEX', //INDEX page may have some problems in some browser
    The above is the default setting. But we recommend you enable 'DOWNLOAD' pages: your users will get better performence exprience when they access to download files on your site. You can also enable INDEX page. We have tested in IE and Firrfox and it is working fine.

    3. The last boost option is to improve download speed by using Lighttpd server. This is a new plugin released in MFHS v1.3 Bugfix[11.22]. This is highly recommend for big busy sites. An independent download of this plugin is availble here.
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