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Thread: Features request for AIHS v2.4!

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    Wink Features request for AIHS v2.4!

    You are welcome to post any feature request here. And we will soon compile the feature list here.

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    i have a lot of ideas

    1.TEMPLATE i sad to you do not change it - but really you should to that
    1.1. Okey, change template, but in this case change it totally, make it like in DLE using .tpl files - in DLE engine there is one main file responsible for template (main.tpl) and then additional for different pages and purposes


    1.2. In one template file avoid using
    <!-- BEGIN footer -->
    <!-- END footer -->
    <!-- BEGIN gallery_footer -->
    <!-- END gallery_footer -->

    -> in this case make separate files for each - because in this case it's difficult to correctly integrate own template, always errors

    2.Try to make less MySql quiries as possible.
    2.1. Try to make in admin panel next:
    count bandwitch: yes/no
    count views: yes/no
    count last view: yes/no

    instead of changing it in php script - but this is not very important but good.

    2.2. Very important for the last view option for images - bann searchengines ip's - from google, yahoo, and other engines - so make in admin a field, where we can type ip's witch will not be counted - or just integrate this option in show.php page

    3. About image upload
    3.1. Make option use direct links avoiding out.php

    3.2. Bmp - convert to JPG

    3.3. Upload images in different sub folders:
    but really i recommend to make like next:

    That's will be really nice!

    4. About admin panel
    4.1. make undertandable image prune option

    4.2. Create more options to delete images - as i've spoken in one of threads - delete all images from one ip from images page

    5. Of course make an easy upgrade from previous version

    I'd like very much you integrate all of this and also as fast as possible release 2.4 version.
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    6.0 Blog! - I'd be nice to make a "blog-mod" - users will have their own blogs on aihs (not the same as gallery)
    - your can take even additional money for this mod

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    7. Integrate a small notepad like "Notes" or "To Do list" - would be nice

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    Very nice for your suggested feature list.

    Developing a blog for AIHS is not neccessary, I think. But I would consider to the possiblity of integrating other blogs with AIHS.

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    8.Block hosts by IP - there is already one - but as for me not working now - after template change.
    I propose to make feature - who will add blocked IP's directly to .htaccess file

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    9.Make Watermark if possible - for admins (like i've made when i have abuses) - Not a signature on images - i have blure effect + watermark image text on it - but in my script working too slow

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    By the way, when in planned to release 2.4 ? as i have an idea to make a new design
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    10. Add some payment systems - Webmoney, liqpay (really easy payment by credit card), Egold

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    By the way - interesting information
    If we take into consideration that for example:

    we track and delete images that have not been viewed for a some period of time (and don't care about bandwidth) - there is a newer solution! With no Mysql DB counting of views.

    Well - the point is that there is a one filesystem option that allows to see when file was last opened(used) - so we can track images via filesystem.

    By the way - after making direct links and not counting at all information (just store information about images upload) - my server has no bugs at all!

    Yab, if you are interested in this - i can tell you more

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