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    Default Coupon/Discount Offer Codes

    I've seen a couple of other sites implement the ability to create coupon codes for Free Premium Accounts.

    It'd be nice if you could create the amount of days (ex. 7 day and 30 day free trials) that the coupon will upgrade the account.

    I'm already trying to offer the free trials, but it's not simple when you have a bunch of people trying to request a free upgrade.

    I won't post the exact site, but PM me if you want an example .

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    I will create this module as soon as possible.

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    is this one now avaible??

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    where is the support ????????????????????

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    This feature is not available.

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    I have been complete this mod, PM me if you want to buy it.
    Need custom MFHS all version email to
    We available MOD:
    * Upload via FTP Client
    * Affiliate Program
    * File Manager pro for MFHS
    * Coupon, discount code automatic upgrade to predefined group.

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