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Thread: No admin due to ioncube

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    Default No admin due to ioncube

    cant access any my admin section (tell me i need ioncube loaders ect). i have done BOTH methods of install for ioncube.

    adding the zend loaders to my php.ini files.

    and the runtime with the directory.

    I ALSO did an easy apache rebuild with the ioncube apache module.

    please advise ASAP, as my site, with users, is not locking me out.

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    here is the log message in apache error log:

    [Sat Nov 21 05:09:34 2009] [error] [client] Failed loading /home/admin/public_html/ioncube/ /home/admin/public_html/ioncube/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32

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    most people say that means i need the 64bit version of these stupid ioncube i went and got them and installed them..NOW this is the error message:

    Sat Nov 21 05:15:40 2009] [error] [client] Failed loading /home/admin/public_html/ioncube/ /home/admin/public_html/ioncube/ undefined symbol: core_globals_id

    I really hope that i can get access back to my site..put about 3 weeks of work into this site just for it to lock me out randomly one day.

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    The annoying thing is i struggled with this EXACT same ion cube issue for about 3 days straight on install.

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    Do you use the latest loaders for PHP 5.2? You can download the loaders from their site:

    The loaders in MFHS distribution is somehow outdated, especially for PHP 5.2+.

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    That doesnt make any sense because it was working a few days ago. with the same loaders included in 1.3.

    so you are saying the loaders included with 1.3 are out of date??

    My site is still disabled.

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    Just for the heck of it i downloaded the latest ioncube loaders from (which are the EXACT same ones byte for byte that are included with your 1.3 release) still get the same message

    my site is still disabled, i still have users complaining and threating to leave my site becuase i cant validate their files, or update their download stats.

    Yabsoft has all of the info to login to my dedcated server, i dont understand why im still locked out of my admin area after 4 days.

    How about loosing ioncube?? i mean it was an issue on install, and now its a random issue after install.


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    I will check your site soon.

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