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Thread: AIH v2.3 Bugfix[5.12]

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    Default AIH v2.3 Bugfix[5.12]

    |Fixed Bugs and Updates
    1. Fix a Blind SQL injection in gallery_list.php.
    2. Fix a serious bug that could allow to delete images.
    3. Fix a bug in gallery list jump on the show links page after upload.
    4. Fix an issue on Watermark option in the upload form.
    5. Add multiple pages feature for getcode page if too many images need to be show.
    6. Ability to convert non-english characters to the corresponding english one.
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    Now that's a GOOD NEWS

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    thanx yab, now update

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    If I'm just now downloading 2.3 do I need to download and install the other bug fixes, or does this one contain all up to date bug fixes in one package?

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    it already contains them!
    dont worry

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