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Thread: What is your revenue?

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    i know russian sponsors. but you can find the same in english (i just dont remember them)

    they pay you % form money they earned thanks to you.

    For example i sell porno movies online Users pay by sms. And i receive up to 85% (usuall 75%) from sms cost - and it's about 1-5$ from one sms.

    you can watch my simple ad in the right corner of the webpage click here

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    Revenue 15-20 usd/day

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    im ""0"" :s

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuaza View Post
    im ""0"" :s
    put adsense at least on your web-site

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    Quote Originally Posted by xavior View Post
    put adsense at least on your web-site
    yeah xavior

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    5 $ / day

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    not bad beginning

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    Hi, please tell me some ideas to increase Google Earnings..
    the ecpm rate is too less for my image hosting sites.
    where as for blogs /.etc its good.. :/

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    goggle adsense ban my acc
    it had 300 $ from other sites of mine ..
    some bad guy uploaded porno pic and reported to google

    Please tell alternatives for adsense with good ecpm
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