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Thread: Discuss thread about the release of AIHS v2.3

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    Bug found
    When i want to delete uploaded image - i press delete and receive next :
    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 SQL=update users set pics=pics-1, webspace=webspace-'84779' where id=
    after page refresh all is ok
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    Quote Originally Posted by xavior View Post
    You mean yava script windows that is displaying? - yes i also have it

    Yes that one, the annoying window....

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    Yab what ecoding should i set for Mysql data base.
    Because of multilanguage interface i have in russian good display of text from SQL and in english - not
    utf8 windows-1251 latin1 doesnt work correctly

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    how can i disable the family safe/not family safe option? i have an website only for adult images

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    you can make as default one of the radio buttons - that's what i have done.

    in make changes to the folowing:
    <input type=radio name="safe" id="safe" value="1" onclick="swicthSafe(this)" checked="checked">{L_FamilySafe}<input type=radio name="safe" id="unsafe" value="0" onclick="swicthSafe(this)">{L_NotFamilySafe}
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    Bug found:
    in admin panel admin/index.php?admin=link display all link codes are enabled
    but in fact only 4 are dispayed
    the same for

    fix it - urgent!
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    Bug Found:
    In directory.php - no names of categories are displayed.

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    Bug found:
    Look on the page some images are upload with no names, thumb is not generated, and the original file is loading by button Download wfk?

    Yab come here...................

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    this was not a beta - it was stable version
    but beta - was better fuck
    i regret that i have updated my old version.

    Yab if you had made a release - you should have been online here for all discussing ..........

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