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Thread: AIH Script v2.3 Released!

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    Default AIH Script v2.3 Released!

    Hello everyone,

    After a long time for testing, we are pleased to announce AIH Script v2.3 is our stable supported version now! Checkout the demo and new features!

    Demo site:
    Front end:
    Admin panel:

    New features:
    1. Add Tags search and administration. You are able to modify the existings tags, merge and rename tags. Evenly, you can set for synonyms tags so that search for synonyms of tag will lead to same result.

    2. Allow "Zip file" for guest users. Add Family safe/Not Family safe for upload.

    3. Fix flash upload bug for Flash Player 10 in IE and FF.

    4. Users can select watermark options for his uploaded images: for example, the postion of watermark and watermark text.

    5. Improve the gallery page and move all upload things on the index page.

    6. Improve the user page which will include all his gallery and uploaded images. Especially, you can view all his gallery via flash album and all his images via flashslide. For example, soundtank's page.

    7. Add french, italian and japanese langauges. And allow translate emails template to the corresponding languages. For v2.2 or below users, Please note that all files in skin/default/emails has been moved to language/emails/<lang_name>.

    8. Support images and gallery search feature.

    9. Allow admin to choose "Private" and "Family safe" options.

    10. Admin can upgrade the members and extend their expire date more easily.

    11. Great performence improvment for images listing, gallery and directory listings.

    12. Support wild match of domains for hotlinked images. For example, * will only ban the subdomain of "".

    13. Add auto login feature for members.

    14. Improve deleting images feature. Now the images will be deleted instantly from your server.

    15. Ability to resize/crop images by Imagemagick which usually generates better quality images then GD.

    Upload new scripts to your server and launch the upgrade script located at You will then be guided to upgrade your script to this latest version. Make sure you have a backup of your site and database first!


    Installation is easy. Just upload your script to your server and launch to begin server configuration and script installation. You will be told by the auto installer script to do what you need to finish installation.
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