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Thread: Right cliсk - Upload image on server

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    later I Can ?? If you do not come to you is where one updates ?

    to give the source code im now sites for I would like.

    you paypal send me p.m im 30 usd send your paypal

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    1. yes you can later. While i'm fixing last bug.
    2. i do not provide a source code.
    3. I can provide you my paypal but my country doent accept paypal income payments (when i receive money) i can only send.

    the solution for this is to pay directly by credit card on i'll provide you later an invoice to pay. (it's like 2checkout)

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    sorry, how send money?? and source code how much all ??

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    for example here but it's for sum 70usd (example) i'll make for you an other bill.

    Full source code i think 250 usd will be. Beleive me it will be difficult to understand all source code and etc.. you don't need that.

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    source code is not the problem When you make updates, but you will be. and free


    please 30 usd NOW to make a full payment is due

    and translate : ru, en, fr, jp, it, de and tr

    im now turkish translate after send you

    and please program icons:


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    normally this should link should work

    Well, it's already translated into ru, en. I can translate to fr.
    but not other languages.

    It's better to leave the default icon - it looks more professional then your icon and it says better that this is upload tool program.
    (p.s if you'll have updates i will need to change every time icon espessialy for you - it will be too long)

    inform me in PM after payment

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    okey send now

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    Confirm have received payment from kuaza.

    Will provide him soon program (when finish translating into some more languages + fixing bug)

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    okey thanx xavior im waiting

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    I'm interested by this program.
    I can translate it from english to french (i'm native french speaker), if I could have a price cut.


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