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Thread: Right cliсk - Upload image on server

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    !!!!!!!!!!PROGRAM IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!
    Every body who is interested - you are wellcome

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    You can download and test toolbar on
    You will also need to install .NetFramework 3.5 on your PC from Microsoft (auto installer included)

    After reboot also program will be in tray.

    Wellcome for discussion
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    thanx you xavior im now insta but tested yesterday after here written results

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    price will be cheaper. as i want to refund developer of the program and no have from him some kind of livу support.

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    This super, well what will be the price? p.m please or here written

    and install after restar my pc, after:
    Unable to locate application file 'XmagesUploaderSetup.msi'.
    The following components were successfully installed:
    - .NET Framework 3.5
    See the setup log file located at 'C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\VSD39F.tmp\install.log' for more information.
    but Good working suppper +10

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    i'll check this.

    About 50 usd i think the price will be.

    It has a lot of features so i had a lot of work to do with a person i have hired for this job to do.

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    I s the first, so do me 30 usd okey (please )
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    Quote Originally Posted by kuaza View Post
    I s the first, so do me 30 usd okey (please )
    No problem man! you are first
    Just finishing one bug in program (when exiting windows) and that's all :beer:

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    After you done but im this it 6 lang change..
    How do I ?? you will help

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    Well, i'm giving you default english language file (by the way it's in Program Files/Coder89/XmagesUploader/english.xml

    you translate this to all languages you need and send me. (it takes about 5min to Translate each file after you have understood how to do this)
    that's all

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