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Thread: Right cliсk - Upload image on server

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    Thumbs up Right cliсk - Upload image on server

    I have read a thread on forum that somebody asked to creat this.
    So after reading a lot of hours a documentation on different programming languages i have made smth like this:

    (img screen new version program)
    this is my old version (still have no screens of new)

    So. What new version can do:
    1. Right click function
    1.1 upload image(s)
    1.2 upload Print Screen
    1.3 upload a lot of images at time

    2. Support of a variety of image formats.
    2.1 tiff/bmp/psd/ico/jp2/jpc/j2k/jpf/jpeg/jpewmbp they will automaticly be converted into JPG format (for example BMP 7MB will have size only 700KB in JPG format)
    2.2 image compress (jpg 0%<--->100% quality)

    3. Program options, config
    3.1 Select language (from language files)
    3.2 1 program = 1 image hosting support (not to make this tool for everybody) (my idea but see next)
    3.3 Image links display
    3.3.1 You choose the link you need before upload
    3.3.2 Link is copyed to the clipboard

    4. OS support - all OS Windows (require NetFrameworks 3.5 be installed)

    5. Good design


    to be continued...
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    Is there any demo ?

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    In 2-3 days maybe i'll have it, or till the end of this week

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    Xavior I`am buying this! PM me your paypal.
    I would like to see this in action, cant wat for the demo !

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    I 'll wait for the demo, I hope it doesn't depend on specific code in templates to work.

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    Upload structure is the same in all AIHS so it will work
    I still dont know if it will work on 2.1 and 2.2 (but probably it will) as i'm making it for 2.3 version.

    By the way.. I cant accept paypal payments.. only electronic money or direct transfer to the credit card(bank draft - it's easy i have already accepted in such way 10 payments)

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    Xavior, is this still active?

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    Yes, but i'll wait for AIHS 2.3 release from YAB to publish then

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    Program FINISHED
    Some screens:

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    I changed my mind. I have spent a lot of money on this program.
    So i'll sell only 7 copies - price each 70$

    Program Features:
    • Multilanguage (using lang files)
    • all images while upload are automaticly converted to jpg format -> smaller size
    • you can change image quality from directly before upload
    • a lot of image file extensions support
    • log file - image liknks of all uploaded files are stored in the log file
    • Printscreen upload function

    Payments: (but contact me before by PM message)
    Liqpay (via Credit card) in this case go to (to select english version) and then to my payment page

    discuss thread here.
    The working demo will be before Sunday 15/03/09
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