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Thread: Family safe / Unsafe mod.

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    Default Family safe / Unsafe mod.

    Hi there.

    I made a little mod for AIHS 2.1 wich is a Family safe / Unsafe.

    What it do is to add a new option to the upload form in wich the user has to choose what content the images hes going to upload are. And if they dont choose and option a window pops up saying that they must choose and option to be able to upload.

    in my case i named the options "Safe for work" and "Not safe for work". If a user upload an image under "Safe for work" it's uploaded normaly and shown on the site. However, if they choose "Not safe for work" it's hidden all over the page. only visible trough the link the uploader recives after upload.

    Now, for the best thing, it's flagged in the admin panel as "SFW" And "NSFW" so you can se if any images under "Not safe for work" are uploaded and check them for legal/illegal content.

    Check out for a live version. and here is an image of the admin panel.

    The price for this addons is 15$. Included is unlimited updates aswell as Installation instructions. Payment goes trough paypal. Send me a PM if you do wanna buy his addon.

    If there is anyting you want to ask, please post here or send me a PM. Also PM me if you have any suggestion to things i can add/do to the addon.

    Note for 2.2 Users: i tested this mod on 2.2 and it works for 2.2 aswell. send me a PM for further details.
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    just Pmed you , let me know if this mod is still available..

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