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Thread: Direct Download of Premium User

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    Default Direct Download of Premium User

    Before I purchase, I have a question.
    I bought a premium account from a site that runs on MFHS to test.
    I uploaded a file, logged in as my premium account, then put the file link in.
    It gave me a download now page.

    Can that be skipped and directly go to the download?
    For example, on RapidShare, if you have a premium account and have Direct Downloads enabled, you don't have to click anything else.
    Just put in the links in to your download manager and it starts downloading.
    Can I do that with MFHS?

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    yes you can...

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    Default Hot Links For Premium Users..

    I want Enable Direct Downloads(Hotlinks...No Download Page) To Premium Users

    How To Modify ...

    Please Help Me

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