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Thread: Show your AIHS Site!

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    I would also like to know where you get some decent templates for this script.

    I would buy some though it seems that the Yabsoft community is pretty dead and I dont wanna shell out money on something that isnt going to be further developed as more time will have to be invested on my part.

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    Well this is my site
    i am very pleased the way that it has turned out and i have to say it run pretty stable with no glitches so far Could well do some further alterations as time goes on but it will do at this moment in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phanducthien View Post New templates . I Think it's beautifull
    Nothing much, not gotten around to doing much with this new script yet
    Spendt many hours on the old one, so not very tempted atm :P
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    where can find templates

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    great thread the only site that works on this page - doesnt use this script!

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    You are correct, it seems that script is dead and people are moving away from it because there has not been an update to the script with 2009

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