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Thread: Ad Tips for MFHS Owners

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    Thought I would make this thread to help all those out having a little trouble getting their revenue going for their ads. I will provide a list of good ad companies along with a good strategy on where to place the ads.
    Notes: Great ad company with quality ads. I suggest you use a 728x90 banner and start your asking price at ~$1.25. The great place about this ad company is you can adjust your CPM price as your site grows, but try not to raise it to much or else most ads wont be placed on your site. very reliable stats and quick payment. I also suggest that you put the 728x90 as the top ad and ad a 300x250 on the left side of the upload form. Also place the 300x250 in the download.html With both of those running you can make a decent amount of money a day to help keep your company running, then raising your price higher as you get more visitors.
    Notes: High payout for publishers. I recommend only putting the codes in the download.html and using the pop under code. This will drive a high revenue for every person that downloads off your site. The pop-unders do not contain any malware or spyware. Yu can attain anywhere from $1.50-$5.00 in CPM, depending on where the impressions are coming from.
    A decent site, with a better payout than, but also a little more vicious when it comes to the code they provide, some reports indicate it slows down that one page, but none the less, you get $1.80CPM (1,000 impressions)
    AdBrite has a great cpc rate but I do not recommend this service for sites that limit the amount of ads on their site. The CPM rate is very low and in my experience, MFHS owners need high CPM rates since users are usually here for one page. Payout is quick and if you get a few clicks and a lot of impressions you are looking at ~$.50. I still recommend ADSDAQ over all!
    Those are the ad companies I use, any other successful MFHS site owners, please post your reviews. Currently I am running only ADSDAQ and and i make about 5 dollars a day, not bad for a growing site. Any other comments or questions, feel free to ask. Please use the two referral links if you do sign upso we all profit from this. I will post back with etology soon.
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    Thread stuck to be helpful for others!

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    HI i was try this server and my domain was declaimed. I dont understand that. PLs help. I was try a few my domains and all failed this site is rubbish
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    has anybody tried

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