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Thread: MFHS up to 30% speed increase (Mysql Nurse)

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    Default MFHS up to 30% speed increase (Mysql Nurse)

    MFHS users can expect to see mysql load drop by up to 30% and an increase in mysql response time. If you do not have this software your MFHS mysql server may be leaving sleeping queries. Which causes excess lag and can even lead to mysql crashing.

    In phpmyadmin type the query "show processlist" and look for sleeping queries over 300 seconds. If you have sleeping queries then your server is wasting resources and you are not geting the most out of your MFHS script.

    MYSQL Nurse is a product designed to decrease MYSQL load and increase the number of open slots available for query. It does this by monitoring your mysql processes and removing sleeping or "stuck" queries.

    If you own a website and it uses a MYSQL database then this product is for you. It can help to decrease memory usage, decrease cpu usage, and increase available connections to your mysql server.

    I have setup a primitive web site for this project.

    Mysql Nurse Website

    The price is $8.00 per license per domain. This comes with free lifetime support and upgrades. Installing is easy but if you can not install MYSQL Nurse we will for $7.00.

    If you are interested in purchasing this application then please leave me a message or reply in a thread.

    I use this software on all my personal sites and I urge all of my friends and personal clients to purchase a copy. Some people have seen a decrease of 30% or more in cpu load and upwards of 50mb extra free ram. This application runs in the background automatically so there is no user interaction required after it has been installed.

    Oh and if you have more then one site on a mysql server, then you only need one copy as this software is designed to watch all mysql querys, not just the ones on your database. So if you have two sites on one server, you only need one copy to protect both (until the other domain is moved to another server). There is no maximum number of databases you can select and you may tweak the settings in the configuration file.


    PS: I designed this software for my personal site which receives over 20,000 unique visitors a day. It has proven to help my MYSQL server be more stable and use less cpu. I can rest assured my sites will be online when I return from being out of town partially due to this software running on my server.

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    I hope stephen adds the solution into 1.3.

    So users dont really need to buy extra plugin or whatsoever.

    As this is needful/necessary mod.


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    This is not a MFHS plugin, but a solution to protect and speed up your mysql database server. MFHS leaves sleeping queries on your mysql database which eventually will result in a MYSQL crash.

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    I will give it a try. Let me know how to pay, etc.

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    can anyone else confirm this, I am really looking into purchasing it.

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    Still waiting for purchase info. After I install and use I will be happy to report the results.

    I have a good size site to test it on.

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    i am interested in this too... Any reviews ?

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    Nope never got a reply of any kind.

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    I am sorry for the delayed response I have sent you all PM's with information where you can contact me and ask me questions. Thanks.

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    Default bought

    today i have bought this mod. i am waiting download link now.

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