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    Default Download problem

    Hi Stephen;

    im try to understand why some of the download open as you see in the image attached to this message:

    when that happen - you can not dowload any files after - like it freeze !

    thanks for your help !


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    Default download

    Hi steph;
    i would like to add -

    it look like the problem is caused mainly by .avi files -

    if that might be of your help - as i see you add ffmpeg - mplayer support in the server table in database - -

    yes i have ffmpeg and mplayer installed on server - as the server it is also used to stream videos -

    here is an example of the problem when you this avi:

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    When I test in firefox, it popups a download window for me.

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    Default download prob

    Hi Stephen;

    actually you are right !

    why than can not do in ie ???

    but Stephen ! the problem only happen if you are looged in !
    when in ie.

    and try to download the file - here come the problem !

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