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Thread: Show your MFHS site!

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    Default rapidfile

    Quote Originally Posted by gueste View Post
    Sorry what I meant was that rapidfile sounds very similar to rapidshare -> like a clone-site...
    But good luck with your page!

    Yea ! i would have registered - if was available !
    not that i really worry !!

    take care !


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    This is my site

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    Default ZUploader

    here is mine guys

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    oneahmed, I really like your layout, did you do that? any way here is my site, back up and running under a new name

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    Hey guys, just launched mine -

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    Default mark22

    Here's mine guys.

    Excellent theme done by mark22 *thanks again buddy I really appreciate this theme.

    Logo done by a friend

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    anybody there to buy my site? with mfhs script.... do PM going cheap!

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    There are a lot of nice looking sites out there! Great Job guys!!
    I haven't done any changes to the site cosmetically speaking but here is a new idea for getting people to join!

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    Exclamation My Site still looking for a skin!!!

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