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Thread: Ads revenue

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    i stopped using adsense a good ago and im currently getting upto 10/15$ a day and rising.
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    on using what ads company , rizzler?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fairprice2008 View Post
    on using what ads company , rizzler?
    CPM (CLick per millee) ads and good traffic gathering!
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    Anyother best ad's provider than adsense ?

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    I am currently using Adbrite on this has 2 benefits those being getting payed for each click and CPM for every 1000 visitors i guess its a win win situation and you dont have half the worry that you have wehen you have adsense on your site as they are very well known for taking you account away from you and they wont give you a specific reason why not even a warning.

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    why nobody tells his monthly earnings )) ? lol

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