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Thread: Ads revenue

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    Default Ads revenue

    Hi just questioning how much are you guys earning

    my page ctr is 0.14% for around 5100 Page impressions i get 1$

    i have banner on bottom and top of image . i use adsense

    anyone have better incomes in revenues

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    You need higher CTR and obviously better eCPM, plus the higher volume traffic you get the better chance you can leverage that for better earnings.

    Start looking into more ad opportunities. Just slapping some adsense code into your site isn't going to make it profitable.

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    tell me what you using

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    before i used adsense and earned 188 dollars but then they banned my account, for "invalid clicks" but thats lame. And now I use adbrite and waiting for a company to buy ad spots, but not as good as adsense CTR

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    anyone else have any input?

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    im still using adsense its not making much but i think its better then adbrite because with adbrite you have to wait till someone buy spots

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    Default Seeding keywords

    There are so many of these sites and they generate so many impressions that the cpc is generally very low, and requires huge volumes to make any real money.

    You could try seeding your front page with higher paying keywords, such as: "We are where physicians and medical device manufacturers upload their patient neuro imaging scan results."

    The strategy is not risk free, as poor traffic may result in the eventual loss of your access to the ad network.

    If you really could niche your site to appeal to a more specific, highly desirable demographic, then you would probably earn less traffic but more revenue.

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    Default rightmedia

    Oh, almost forgot. Check out
    Its a marketplace where multiple ad networks will bid for your traffic. You may be able to increase your yield through their exchange.
    I use it with adsense to juice the revenue on a file trasfer site.

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    Am making about 10$/day but am using cpm pop-up's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daniel1941 View Post
    Am making about 10$/day but am using cpm pop-up's.
    Are you using Google Adsenses?
    How many visits do you have per day?

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