I have to say firstly that there seems to be a big lack of support here right now and development seems to have halted?

I have read through and noted that many people have found bug's but these have not been fixed.. more of ignored.

Now I know that things get busy and things cant be fixed right away but there should atleast be a notice of some kind.

Now the script is expensive for an encoded script so really in my opnion needs to step up support to stop people unencoding the files and branching off with there own developer.

Now I have a few issue's

1. What script 1.1 / 1.2 is more stable / best performance based.

2. I have recently moved servers everything works fine apart from the status bar on form upload?

3. What is the best apache / php settings as im currently using version 1.2 and the apache crash's very often with only a couple of hundred users.

I have a high performance server which should easily handle many more users and I have noted that others are also having these issue's

Yabsoft - I have emailed & sent you pm's with my issue's and server connection details But I have heard nothing from you.

So a response would be much appreciated.

Thank You