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Thread: Apache crash! :(

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    Default Apache crash! :(


    I using MFHS for my site and have big problems using it Script use too much memory and apache crashes few times a day and that's very bad Server is dual opteron with 4 GB of RAM so I think that's not a problem. I think that there are not so many users at the same time to crash a server. I really don't know what to do, but something must be wrong (script to download a file or server something with server configuration (I tried to do many things to optimize apache, but doesn't help )) What I can do? Is there some other good script which doesn't use so much RAM (if this is a script problem)?

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    There isn't a final solution whenever you are running a file hosting service.

    Though I would recommend you, buy a p4 server with 1 gig ram for front end site and keep this dual opty for your file downloads.

    front end uses RAM for MySQL and more of PHP and files will ask for more apache use...

    I hope my solutions gives you better way, if you want I can have look on your server.


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    Default server

    you need to add a new server - even better servers 3 or 4 to your system to relief your machine - this kind of sites can get heavy loads ! - and as time goes by - loads will get bigger and bigger as more files and links spreads to the net.


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