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Thread: Image deletion, reverts linking code to any other image

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    Default Image deletion, reverts linking code to any other image

    Is there a defualt missing image picture that should appear? Or a way to confirm this? I know when I upgraded the last time all the images that were used and liked to showed some misc image that was in my image folder that was not the one intended by the uploader. If the image is deleted I think there should be a defualt, "This image has been removed" image that hotlinks up in its place.

    (This did not happen)


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    Yes,we have serveral default system images(located in "skin/default/sys_icons"),
    for example,if one image used out the bandwidth,the "Bandwidth.jpg" will apear when others visit this image.
    Simliarly,NotFound.gif will appear when the image is deleted.
    SUSPEND.jpg will appear when the account of user is suspended.

    You can custom these images,but keep the image name and extenstions.

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