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Thread: File Password dont working!

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    Default File Password dont working!

    My Problem: if i upload a new file and make a password for it all is ok (also the password is into the mysql-database - i have look) but if i click after the upload the downloadlink --> the site does only ask for the captchacode not for the password whith i was insert in the beginning!

    The option for password is enable in admin-area!!!

    please help me ...

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    True, this bug is there.

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    yab at your demo-site "" the problem is still the same ... please fix this quickly!

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    now it works thx yab!

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    Red face I have the same issue


    I have the same issue, where can I download the fix?

    I have send a file with password protected but when a user click on the download link no password appear. He can download directly without enter a password.

    But when I log in to my account and click on the download link then I see the download password not for the external user.

    Please help me.

    Tan Quan

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    Default The download link isn't working

    By the way, the download link isn't working

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanquan View Post
    By the way, the download link isn't working
    Try now. The link is corrected.

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