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  • Copyright Notice:
  • AIHS
  • Payment is done,When does the status of license get 'Active' status?:
  • Owned Price:$99 for 2 licenses? :
  • Transfer license!:

  • General
    Copyright Notice:
    The copyright notice must be clearly visible on all site pages generated by our script unless you have purchased the copyright removal addons option. The copyright notice must not be masked by color or images.
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    Payment is done,When does the status of license get 'Active' status?:
    After you made payment,the status of license is setted to "Inactive".Only when the script is installed on your server and when you try to access to admin area first time,the status of license will be automatically updated to "Active" and your server details will be filled on license page.
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    Owned Price:$99 for 2 licenses? :
    No,That price means when you buy 1 OR 2 license(s),the current price is $99 per license,NOT $99 for 2 licenses.That is to say,if you want 2 licenses,you have to pay $99x2=$198.
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    Transfer license!:
    Only 1 month old Owned license of MFHS can be transfered. And the license can be transfered in MAX 2 times. The transfer fee is $10 per time and a forum support account will be setup for new owner. If you decide to purchase, please request seller to provide the license id for us to check the license can be transferable. For any questions about the transfer, please contact us via this contact form!
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