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  Key Features
  System Requirements
  • PHP 4.2.0 or better
  • MySQL 3.23 or better
  • GD2 or Imagemagick
  • Access to cron jobs
  • [optional] Mod_rewrite on apache
  •   Requirements Test Script
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    Advanced Image Hosting Script v2.3
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    Advanced Image Hosting Script

    AIHS is a highly-flexible advanced image hosting solution for anyone who wants to offer an image hosting services of any kind. This also includes any general web hosting companies and auction websites.

    Online auctions, forums and other online communities have become a popular endeavor on the Internet, and users of these activities are often in need of online image storage. Using AIHS, you will have the ability to provide this service to your clients with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface.

    Unlike most image hosting scripts out on the market, AIHS provides a number of unique and powerful features, including support for easy Multi Server Balancing , Advanced Bandwidth Tracking, PayPal Integration, Site News, Image Thumbnails and lot's more.

    AIHS was designed with heavy emphasis on Generating Revenue for it's users.

    AIHS is not only a Powerful Image Hosting Script. It can also host any type of file! It has an incredibly easy to use, customizable frontend, and a great administration Interface to handle it's powerful backend features. AIHS comes with an easy Web-Installer and is easy to integrate with existing websites! With AIHS, you can immediately start your Internet Business without needing to worry or care about technical details.

    Multi Server Balancing
    The Multi Server Balancing feature of AIHS allows webmasters to distribute server resources rationally across multiple locations and provide quality, speedy services for users. This feature alone shifts AIHS above all competition. It does all this with amazing simplicity for an administrator. This feature is absolutely indispensable for anyone running a growing Free Image Hosting website.
  • One Click to setup UNLIMITED secondary servers!
  • Specify specific, or random servers for uploading!
  • Detailed Bandwidth and Webspace Usage easily tracked for all servers
  • Revenue Generation
  • Template based design allows you to easily add differently formatted advertisements on your site.
  • Assign different user templates for different hosting packages or different servers! This will give you more room to flexibly show your advertisments!
    For example; Adult advertisements can only be shown on the secondary server which allow adult content, while regular advertisements, such as Google Adsense, can be used on another non-adult server.
  • 'Search Friendly URLs' will attract more search engine indexing!
  • E-Commerce Ready
    With AIHS, you can immediately start making money with your E-business. AIHS comes fully compatible with the major online payment systems: PayPal, E-Gold and MoneyBookers.
  • Fully records every transaction with details.
  • Webmasters can set coupon codes for use by users!
  • Full billing history is easily available for all your members payments!
  • Template Driven
    AIHS is Fullly Template Based - Meaning it's easy to customize the look and feel of your site!
  • Cached Template: Complies once, runs fast!
  • Multiple preloaded templates to choose!
  • Customize different templates for different hosting packages and for different server!
  • Even supports Email Templates!
  • Independent Language Files makes it easy to have multiple languages enabled. Meaning you can offer services in more than just english!
  • Gallery Addons
    Members can create an Online Gallery for their Images!
  • Members can add descriptions to each image.
  • Guests and/or Members can submit comments to the images they view!
  • Guests and/or Members can rate images!
  • Members can delete/disable comments!
  • Gallery code is available!
  • Galery can be set to public, protected, or private! Members can customize the outlook of the gallery. Protected Sample, Public Sample
  • Flash Gallery Sample
  • Flash Gallery Slideshow Sample
  • Webmasters control the number of galleries members can make & more!
  • Supports Static URLs for Galleries. Examples: Sample 1, Sample 2.
  • Directory Addons
    Administrators can create Unlimited Categories for a gallery.
  • Members can create their own Gallery.
  • Easily list New Galleries, Popular Galleries, Top Rated Galleries and even Random Galleries.
  • Users can use our Search Function to find a Gallery!
  • An example of a User Gallery: User Gallery
  • Flexible Hosting Packages
    Webmasters can add an Unlimited amount of Hosting Packages!
    Every package is highly configurable with plenty of options to limit or control user activity, such as: Bandwidth Limitation settings, Allowable Webspace, Toggle allowance of Zipfile uploads, Toggle Showing Advertisements, Toggle Image Watermarks, modify Payment Settings, and how users can upload files, e.g. Web Form/Web Address/From FTP server and much more!
  • Webmasters can add a Free Host Package.
  • User Account Payments/Upgrades/Signups are Automatically Handled.
  • Ready to go with PayPal, E-Gold and MoneyBooker.
  • Advanced Upload Methods
    Guests and Members can upload files individually or in one big zip file with everything inside!
  • Can upload any file type by applet upload and web form upload!
  • Can upload any file type by it's Web Address!
  • AIHS will validate the integrity of any uploaded file to gaurantee the sercurity of your servers!
  • Rich Bandwidth Tracking
    AIHS has fantastic bandwidth tracking, bandwidth-limiting and display features built-in! You can:
  • Track every Image's Bandwidth use!
  • Track every Member's Bandwidth use!
  • Track every Server's Bandwidth use!
  • Once an Image's Bandwidth is used up, the Image will be replaced with your specified image!
  • Fast Image Processing
  • AIHS generates Automatic thumbnails for images and video files!
  • Can watermark the uploaded images with your text or logo image! (Optional)
  • Can resize and crop images from on the web!
  • Can handle video files by MPlayer or FFMpeg!
  • Misc Features
    Image Link Code
  • AIHS has Custom link codes for images based on file types.
  • It's Easy to extend the link codes for other file types.

  • FAQ Section
  • Webmasters can easily create/update unlimited sections for FAQs.
  • Webmasters can create unlimited FAQ items in each section

  • Site News
  • Webmasters can specify the start and end dates for news to appear.
  • Webmasters can decide who sees news, guests or registered members

  • Newsletters
  • Webmasters can send emails to Active, suspended, and unsuspended, or unconfirmed members.
  • .
    Easy Installation
  • AIHS' Simple web auto-installer will have you up and running in minutes!